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Neo4ic. From neophoria: the sensation arising from experiencing the new. The feeling of witnessing the future.

Our message is: Divinely synthesized to prevail over chaos. 

For the last century technology has revolutionized our planet.

Humans have mastered the abilities of communication, sharing information with one another instantaneously. To see and hear almost anything at a whim—in every moment, without rest if so desired. We have voices, a catalogue of cures, storehouses of inspiration, a wealth of resources—the keys to a golden age.

And still we find ourselves more separated than ever. More wounded, more destructive, desperate, divided, violent and unhappy inside and out. And above all, lonely.


As a species we've committed to a journey of self-destruction. Instant gratification, cultures of unashamed vanity and superficiality, entitlement, the death of empathy, cowardace while facing the slightest pain and discomfort—all symptoms of our devolution, in becoming beings lacking substance. Wandering into an unremarkable oblivion.

Neo4ic believes in humanism, introspection, stoicism, vulnerability, courageous and radical expression, and acceptance. Now more than ever. For ourselves and towards others.

And we need standard-bearers: humans willing to offer themselves, to inspire, to teach, to express, to be vulnerable, to dive into the unknown. To retrieve even the smallest rumor of light. To see the good in others.

Our brand, Neo4ic, hopes to unite those spirits who look inward and learn about themselves, who explore their unwritten potential, who open their hearts to the purpose and passions of their existence, who courageously share their gifts with the planet.

Our community is not afraid to let the world know our nature, our dreams and desires, our reasons to do what we have done and plan to do, and that we're here for one another. Because with belief in our hearts, even a humble display of graphics on clothing can create a strong and positive impact on our reality.

We believe love will save us from an ugly world.
We have come to override the future.


Our Facebook community "The Nexus" works together to produce Give-Back campaigns every quarter. In our first six months we have donated 3000 facemasks to homeless, donated $5000 to honeybee conservation and gave away 1500 shirts to spread awareness to end police brutality. 
HYPR-CLOTH® blanks are all ethically produced in Southern California 


Nate Khouli / Founder 

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